Democrats Important Election:

Democrats Important Election Dates:
Voter Registration Deadline – Today, October 6, 2014
Early Voting begins (in some counties) – October 20, 2014
Absentee Ballot Request Deadline – October 29, 2014
General Election and VICTORY – November 4, 2014

 Engaged Democrats, It is time to rid Florida of the Rick Scott and his team. Vote the entire democratic ticket and don’t forget to educate and inform on the various amendments.   Florida must be Scott free come end of day November 4th. Scott Tax Cut budget, Big give away to major corporation, non- support of an increase in minimum wage and what he unleashed on State workers, our teachers, ordinary men and women and working families who are dying without health care is just unacceptable.

Yesterday was Charlie’s day in the Broward Caribbean Community and we started with 5 churches, engaged in a rally with Congresswoman Yvette Clarke out of Brooklyn N.Y and our own Congressman Alcee Hastings, a fundraiser and closed with a rock the vote & JUMP at kiddies carnival and Charlie was with us all during those events.

We know Governor Charlie Crist will implement the Medicaid Expansion that will give health care to low income earners and those who cannot afford to pay for private insurance and he will restore felons rights.  Charlie does have a heart and he will listen. Gov. Charlie Crist had the courage to walk away from the party of exclusion and Charlie will continue to embrace  President Obama’s agenda to benefit our state.

During this lame duck session with Charlie and Florida, we will have a President that can still do great things for the people of our state and country and as a people position our community to become more relevant and to be respected.

 Thank you for engaging in the events of the day.

Rep. Hazelle-President
Caribbean Democratic Caucus of the State of Florida

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  1. South Carolina will be the first big test of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders’ appeal to black voters who represent a majority of the vote in many southern Democratic primaries.

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