The Caribbean Democratic Caucus of Florida (CDCF) is united in a common purpose to increase advocacy and civil engagement by Americans of Caribbean descent. We are dedicated to the principles of fairness and believe in a political party that promotes equality, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all people and we choose to participate in the Democratic Party.

The Democratic Party is the medium through which the Caribbean-American Democratic communities choose to represent the best interest of the common people. CDCF joins the Florida Democratic Party in recognizing and working with the Democratic Black Caucus of Florida, Haitian American Democratic Caucus and the Hispanic Democratic Caucus. CDCF welcomes every registered Caribbean democratic as General members. To become an active voting members one must pay the fee established annually by February every year.

As far back as when one of this nation’s founding fathers, Alexander Hamilton, a son of the Caribbean, worked on the Federalist papers which ultimately became the constitution, and served as the first Secretary of Treasury, people of Caribbean descent made contributions to this great nation. By gaining the trust and embracing the vision of today’s diverse Caribbean-American Democratic communities the Democratic Party will only continue to become stronger.

Primary Focus

  • Establish local Branch across the state
  • Membership Drives/Community Engagement
  • Lobbying and Education
  • Legislative Issues Forum
  • Citizenship Drive
  • Voter Registration
  • GOTV Workshops
  • Candidate Forums

County/Regional Branch

The goal of the Caribbean Democratic Caucus of Florida (CDCF) is to establish active branches from Key West to Pensacola and at a minimum one branch in each county.